Shea Butter Benefits

Vitamin A in Shea Butter is important for improving a number of skins conditions, including dry skin, blemishes, stretch marks, dark spots, skin discoloration,  wrinkles, eczema, diaper rash and dermatitis.

Additionally, Shea Butter has properties to treat skin allergies, insect bites, windburn, sunburns, frostbites and minor burns.  Shea Butter’s unparalleled moisturizing property is due to several natural moisturizers present in the butter.

The moisturizers in Shea Butter are the same moisturizers produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin. The skin sebaceous glands produce moisturizers for the skin, then it’s no wonder that Shea Butter is such a superior moisturizer.

The positive biochemical and physiological effect Shea Butter has on skin injuries makes this cream ideal for wound healing, pain relief from swelling and arthritis. Improves muscle relaxation and stiffness. Many users of Shea Butter have reported that Shea Butter promotes and accelerates wound healing.

The exact benefit of the Vitamin E in Shea Butter is less clear. Vitamin E is a vitamin whose exact function in human being is not entirely clear, although it has been described as effective in a number of conditions or circumstances. Among these include anti-aging, anti-free radical agent, and exerting a positive effect on increasing the micro-circulation.

If the vitamin E in Shea Butter is helpful for the skin, hair and scalp. such benefits could be accomplished by at least two methods. First, by increasing the micro-circulation to the skin and scalp, which results in increased blood supply to and from the skin and scalp. An awesome hair moisturizer.

Second, vitamin E may serve by as an anti-free radical agent thereby aiding in preventing the deleterious effects of sun and environmental exposure. Shea Butter should be stored in glass and kept away from heat.